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What does a Wedding Planner Do? Let Me Tell You

The reality of what I do as a Wedding Planner isn’t always fully understood. Unlike other wedding suppliers, it can be difficult to point to a tangible item and say ‘That’s what a Wedding Planner does’. Your Photographer will deliver you beautiful images of your wedding day, your Florist will create incredible floral arrangements and your Cake Maker will bake and decorate a delicious dessert for you and your guests. Couples are beginning to realise how much Wedding Planners can actually help them, and so I wrote this blog to answer the question of ‘What does a Wedding planner do?’

As a Wedding Planner, I had experience working on weddings with many other Planners and Stylists in the industry in Melbourne, before I decided to launch my own business. I was inspired to change careers after navigating the planning of my own wedding, in and out of lockdowns through the Pandemic. It was a stressful eighteen months, but gave me so much experience and I learnt about exactly what goes into planning such a monumental event. I became a Wedding Planner because I want other couples to enjoy their engagement, to feel relaxed, and confident that they are making the right decisions for their wedding. You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams, and I want ensure you find the right team to help you do it.

Choosing to hire a Wedding Planner is an investment in your wedding, and I know that you may be thinking to yourselves, ‘Do I need a Wedding Planner?’. To answer this, you need to evaluate what you require help with. As a Wedding Planner, I hone in on the details and logistics of your wedding day. I spend time with you as a couple, to fully understand your budget and desires for your big day. My goal is for every couple I work with to feel confident that they are making the best decisions for their wedding. Being in the industry, I know which suppliers will work best to bring your ideas to life. A Wedding Planner will save you time scouring the Internet for reliable suppliers that fit your vision and budget. A Wedding Planner can advise you on the best services that suit your needs, saving you both time and money in the long run. Wedding Planners will also keep you on track with making timely decisions, so that you can rest assured that you are not leaving it too late to lock in your favourite suppliers. A Wedding Planner is with you from day one, ensuring that no detail is left behind, and will guide you through the entire process.

Oftentimes, a Wedding Planner’s work is behind the scenes. When you hire a Wedding Planner, they will often provide a detailed overview of your ideas, themes and colours that you would like incorporated into your wedding, as well as other important information, such as your budget and guest count. Using that information, you are then presented with Venue and Supplier Proposals. What you don’t see, are the hours of research that goes into those proposals. Your Wedding Planner will scout venues based on your budget, guest count, availability and your personal preferences. It takes time to find appropriate venues, contact them and narrow them down to the best 3-5 that suit all of your requirements.

Once your venue is locked in, your Planner will do the same thing again for all of your suppliers: Photographer, Videographer, Stylist, Florist, DJ, Musicians, Celebrant, Caterer, Décor… the list goes on. It takes time and a lot of admin behind the scenes for the Planner to contact all of these suppliers and to bring you quotes. As you book each supplier, the Planner will often review contracts and ensure that any packages or services that you are booking will be sufficient for what you need. The Planner will help you to keep track of deposits and payments so that you remain within your budget. And in those last few weeks leading up to the wedding, the Planner will remind you of final payments and assist in organising all the final meetings that occur before your day can go ahead. Your Planner will be in constant communication with you and your suppliers in those final weeks to ensure that you and each of your suppliers know exactly where they need to be, and when. On your wedding day, your Planner will be checking in with you and the venue to make sure that each supplier is where they need to be, and that everyone is on time. The Planner will also be responsible for setting up any décor or hire items at your venue, ensuring that everything looks as you have imagined. Often the Planner will stay until the end of the night, to make sure that your Marriage Certificate and any gifts go home with you and to oversee the pack down of any hire items at the end of the night.

I hope that this article has provided some clarity about what a Wedding Planner does, and that if you were questioning whether you needed one, that this has helped you feel more confident about your decision.

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