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So, What's the Difference between a Wedding Planner, Coordinator and Stylist?

When you think about your Wedding day, there are so many moving parts that need to come together, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible and to look as you had envisioned. In the Wedding world, there are many different types of services you can use to get involved and assist you with bringing your day together. Hiring a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Stylist can be a big investment, and it’s important that you’re choosing the service that’s right for what you need. Read on to find a breakdown of what each service entails.

Wedding Planner

Most Wedding Planners will offer some sort of ‘full service’ package. Often the Wedding Planner is one of the first suppliers you will talk to in your wedding planning journey. Hiring a Planner when you are newly engaged will mean that they can guide you through the entire process. This will often include assisting you with creating a realistic budget and from there, helping you find the right venue and suppliers that suit your needs and will come together to suit your overall wedding vibe. Throughout the process, the Planner will also keep you on track with scheduling any appointments and providing reminders for when decisions need to be finalised, returning contracts and making payments. They will also be responsible for overseeing everything come together seamlessly on the day.

Wedding Coordinator

If you’ve booked a Wedding Coordinator, they will often make contact in the weeks/ months leading up to your Wedding. The biggest difference between a Planner and a Coordinator, is that when you are booking a Wedding Coordinator, it is presumed that you will be responsible for booking most of your suppliers. The role of the Coordinator is to take over as the point of contact for all of your suppliers and assist with the logistics that need to be organised for your big day. This will often include creating a detailed timeline for both yourselves and for all suppliers, so everyone knows exactly where they need to be and when. Just as important, the Coordinator will create transport plans and contingency/ adverse weather plans, so that no matter what, you will make it to your destination. Coordinators will also send payment reminders for any final balances that are due. The Coordinator will be with you on your Wedding day, and ensure the set up of the ceremony and reception sites are how you pictured. The Coordinator will work with your venue/s, MC/DJ/musicians, caterers and everyone else you’ve hired, to ensure everyone is doing their jobs at the right time i.e. so that the MC doesn’t announce everyone to be seated for mains before the chefs are ready to send out meals, or that guests are invited into the main dining area before your florals have been moved from the ceremony. Overall, the Wedding Coordinator’s job is to relieve some of the stress in the final lead up to the wedding, by taking over all of the last-minute details and ensuring that all of your suppliers are on the same page.

Wedding Stylist

A Wedding Stylist’s job is to bring to life the visual aspects of your wedding. When thinking about the overall aesthetic of your wedding, and the emotions that you want your guests to experience, that’s where a Wedding Stylist steps in. The Wedding Stylist will work with you to create a cohesive theme that ties together all of your ideas. They will make sure that all of the décor, lighting, furniture, florals, napkins, flatware etc. ties together to tell your story. The Wedding Stylist will work within your budget to help source the styling-related suppliers that will be required to bring this vision to life. On the day, your Wedding Stylist will work alongside those suppliers to set up all of the elements you’ve decided on, ensuring that everything matches the design brief, and is as you had pictured.

Deciding to invest in a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Stylist will depend on what stage you are at in the wedding planning process, and what exactly it is that you need assistance with. Understanding what each service can offer, will help you identify which service will be the best solution for what you need help with.

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