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A Peek into my Process: What I Do as a Wedding Stylist

Working in the Wedding industry, I've realised that there are certain parts of my styling process that clients are often curious about. When couples are searching for a way to make their beautiful venue more unique to the two of them, they are unsure who to turn to in order to make this happen. Often, couples aren't aware that there are people you can hire specifically to style and set up your wedding, and that's where I come in! I wrote this blog because I want to share some of the most interesting parts of my process, and to help couples decide if I am the right creative to bring their wedding visions to life!

Understanding your Personal Style

You may be interested in hiring a Wedding Stylist if you've found the perfect space to be the backdrop to your magical day, but are needing some help to transform the space to reflect your unique personalities and love story. By working closely with a couple, I spend time asking questions and getting to know them and their personal style - I truly enjoy this stage of the process. Connecting with a couple to truly get to know them really helps to put me on the same page as them when it comes to styling. I listen to them describe their overall vision and the emotions they want their guests to experience at their wedding.

At this early stage, it is important to me, as a Wedding Stylist, to really understand the couple's preferences, as well as their dislikes. I try to get to know what the overall vibe is that the couple wants to achieve. We then move over to Pinterest to collaborate on collecting images that perfectly encapsulates their vision. And this isn't just limited to wedding specific imagery. Inspiration can come in many forms, from a colour swatch, to different fabrics, particular florals, even interesting architecture. Taking these images, I create mood boards to target the theme that most closely represents the wedding style that the couple wants to achieve.

Developing a Style Guide

Once the couple has agreed on a colour scheme and overall style and aesthetic that they want to achieve, I will create a personalised Style Guide. This Style Guide will become the template for every aspect of styling in their wedding. This guide will include their colour palette and design mock ups, as well as suggestions for all of the suppliers who will need to be involved to bring this vision to life. This is a chance for the couple to really envision what their wedding will look like, from table settings, decor and floral arrangements, they will be able to see how their original ideas are transformed into the space they will be getting married in.

This is also the time when the Wedding Stylist will present the couple with the itemised cost of styling their wedding, as well as floor plans to ensure that these ideas will work in the intended spaces. Your Stylist may also want to attend a site visit of your venue/s, to better understand the layout and the logistics of setting up all of the styling elements on your wedding day.

Bringing it all Together

In the lead up to your Wedding day, your Wedding Stylist will liaise with all of the other suppliers involved in styling your wedding, including your venue/s, to ensure that everyone involved is where they need to be at the correct time, and that the Stylist has available any hire items or decor required for set up. Personally, this is my favourite part of the process, seeing everything that I have imagined with the couple over the last few months, come together to create a beautiful backdrop to their day. Often, I will arrive to the venue as early as I am allowed to begin set up, this gives me time to make sure that every detail is placed perfectly, with nothing forgotten.

Styling a wedding can often include the ceremony space, the dining area of the reception, the bar area, the gift/wishing well area as well as the dance floor area, just to name a few. I will often work alongside your chosen venue, florist, hire companies and even your DJ to make sure that the mood in every space is set and that each item is placed with intention. I love creating a mood that tells a story as your guests move through each space during the course of your day. Creating soft and romantic weddings that are personalised to your unique love story is why I enjoy styling weddings so much.

I have spent so much time gaining experience from many other creatives in the industry, and try to put as much love and thoughtfulness into the designs I create for my lovely couples.

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