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Dreamy Weddings for Modern Lovers

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OH honey weddings,

Welcome to

I’m so glad you’re here. At Oh Honey, I believe that planning your wedding should be an exciting time; a time you can think back to as filled with anticipation and dreams of what was to come.


Your engagement is but a small moment in the lifetime you are about to share together, so you shouldn’t have to spend these treasured moments worrying about how it will all come together.


Oh Honey Weddings is here to help relieve this stress and give you back that time to celebrate as you prepare for your big day.

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Personally advocate for each couple

I will be your personal advocate for all your wedding desires. I am in your corner, championing for each of my couples to have the wedding of their dreams.


Celebrate love and romance

At Oh Honey, I recognise that love can take many forms, and at its core, Oh Honey Weddings is about celebrating in the love and romance that blossoms when two people find their soulmate in each other.

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Create and Inspire

As a Planner and Stylist, my job is to listen to your ideas and intentions for your wedding and present you with options that evoke your emotions and vision for your day. Creativity is not limited to colour palettes and inspiration boards, as a Planner, I also produce creative solutions to logistical concerns that arise.

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